Family Law

A challanging balancing act

Family law covers a range of situations from prenuptial agreements to divorce to support enforcement to modifications of judgment/agreement. Some cases involve child support or time sharing where the parents were never married. Whatever the issue and whether contested or not, legal actions are daunting. Fundamental changes loom ahead that require you to rethink your approach to finances, daily routines, family structure and extended relationships.  Because the process is unfamiliar — with its own language, rules and participants – it can be intimidating. Yet you must consider many issues in order to protect your interests and those of your children. You must balance your pursuit of economic goals with the need to consider fragile relationships while maintaining your principles and well-being. 

The importance of a thoughtful approach

The tendency to rush through a legal proceeding to end this stress or avoid conflict is understandable. However, though hastily made, decisions during a family law case have a lasting impact.  You may even know someone who has emerged from a divorce bitter and dissatisfied with the property division, support payments or child custody arrangements.  Before you make an uninformed or rash decision that could prove extremely costly, equip yourself with information and solid counsel. 

Knowledge of your rights, responsibilities, the process and likely outcomes is the best way to ease fears and safeguard your family. Partnering with effective counsel will help you maintain control now to avoid regrets later. My pragmatic yet sensitive approach combined with over twenty years of legal experience enables me to deal proactively with all the issues that arise in family law cases. Whatever the circumstances that bring you to my website, please contact me to schedule a consultation to get the information you need to think clearly and make wise choices about your personal, financial and logistical needs.

Follow the links below to receive important information about the process ahead.


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Property Division Equitable Distribution

Separation/ Separation Agreements

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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Marital Settlement Agreements


Child abduction/kidnapping

Enforcement and Contempt


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