Paternity In Oregon

Regardless of your marital status, as a parent, you have rights regarding your children. Whether you are a mother seeking to establish legal paternity or a father in need of information about your rights and responsibilities, you can count on me for efficient and knowledgeable representation. I have helped other parents address paternity issues with skill, sensitivity and discretion. I can assist you with:


  • Actions to determine paternity, including, DNA testing to establish or disprove paternity
  • Establishment of timesharing rights and plans
  • Actions to obtain an order for child support from a child’s biological father
  • Defense against false allegations of child support deficiencies.


Oregon law provides a procedure to get a judgment of  legal paternity which provides the child with a variety of rights, including:

A paternity determination also impose legal duties on the father as well as giving him certain rights. Those rights and duties include:

Whatever your role in a paternity suit, it is important that you consider the outcome carefully. Paternity determinations are often llife changing, impacing all parties concerned personally and financially. This is not the time to rely on urban legends, television legal shows or the input of well-intentioned but untrained friends or family.  I take a holistic approach to paternity cases to understand your unique circumstances, personal goals and the legal implications for both.  Contact me to discus your paternity concerns.

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